martes, 28 de octubre de 2008


Fin de semana apoteósico. Repleto de hazañas que con toda seguridad nunca voy a olvidar. Y nuevamente esta sensación de qué narices hago con mi vida y con quien voy, que no volveré a ver a esta gente y es una putada. No sé si es bueno o es malo pero se que estoy aprendiendo mucho de la gente, y de la vida.

miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

Walk this way

I almost have the sensation of walking a way but not sure of what I'm gonna found there.
I'm afraid of having a lot of stones, a lot of same bad feelings, a lot of bad people around me.
I feel fighting for a better life even if mine was already ok.
The thing is about experimentate. I have never done anything real crazy in life, so is not really a bad thing just to try to make a new life, a new change to now where the things are, how they are, and if they deserve still that position.
People say that we chose badly. Bergen is so rainy, so dark in winter, so few people walking down the street, so sad.
But why black and grey are bad? why wet is worst than dry? who decide the general thing, and who decide the common sense?
I don't believe in nothing that I didn't decide by myself. I'm sorry. If a human did it, humans get confuse and sometimes they are wrong. Just like me.
But you know, all these people telling me grey is bad and blablabla but... bad or good, the thing is that there's a lot of green and yellow along the way.
Can you see it?